Life as an entrepreneur can be extremely challenging. Barpay co-founder Joe De Pinto shares the lessons he has learned along the way with these tips for entrepreneurs.

Be persistent: “The most important thing we have learned at this point is persistence. There have been a few times where we have asked ourselves, ‘Should we keep doing this?’ Every time we say, ‘well, let’s do this. ’ ”

Have patience: “We are trying to change an industry and how these places operate. That’s not going to happen overnight.”

Realize you’ll have to sacrifice: “If you can continue to grind through it, you can put temporary things on hold. If you can sacrifice that, you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.”

Take risks: “We are risking a lot. We are risking a normal life for something we are trying to do that’s a little bit bigger.”

Learn about yourself: “It’s a different life path. But having been through what we’ve been through now, I’m glad that this is the road we chose. At the very least, I’ve learned what I’m made out of.”

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