More and more companies are starting to recognize the value of offering personal finance education programs for their employees, and for good reason. Workers who are confident in their financial future and are financially proficient often bring less stress and fewer distractions into the office, improving productivity and focus. However, employers may struggle to get their staff interested in personal finance education and keep them engaged in the long term. Fortunately, employers can use a few strategies to get their teams motivated to become more financially proficient and stay involved in personal finance education programs. 

Communicate With Staff

The first step to building engagement with any employee wellness program is to communicate to employees what is being offered to them effectively. While it may be apparent to some teams that personal finance education is being provided, employers should take great care to inform every employee of the opportunity and what it entails. Employers should also consider explaining the benefits of financial proficiency and how the tools that are being offered can foster greater financial knowledge and health. 

Consider Offering Incentives

Some staff members may dismiss personal finance education programs because they think they do not need them. While they may be right, it is more likely that they do not know what they do not know. There is always something to learn about finance; from compounding interest and credit to estate planning and investing, the world of finance is full of valuable lessons and niche topics. Employers may want to consider offering incentives for participation in personal finance education. The specific incentives that prove effective for workers vary from business to business, but money and other prizes can be excellent motivators.

Choose the Right Personal Finance Education Tools

Of course, incentives and information can prove fruitless if the personal finance education program does not meet employees’ needs. Employers should research various programs and tools, and a company-wide survey of financial areas of interest can help employers find the program that works best. Such programs offer personalized learning and useful tools and calculators to keep staff interested and invested in their financial health.

Use EveryIncome to Boost Your Team’s Financial Proficiency

EveryIncome is dedicated to providing our clients with career and finance management tools to help them create a stable financial future. Whether you are an individual, a small business owner, or part of a multinational corporation, our system of tools and guided learning is tailored to fit your specific needs. Our solutions for businesses allow employers to give their staff the financial planning tools that they need to stay in control of their finances. Contact the team at EveryIncome online or give us a call at (571)370-5400 to learn more about our offerings. For more valuable tips for business owners, follow EveryIncome on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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